Functional diagram of Rain water Harvesting For Drinking purpose and Re-charging Ground Water
MODEL FILTER TUB (View Sketches in Gallery)

The area of filter tub is to be 3 - 5 percent of roof area from which rain water is collected.

  1. Filter tub is to be constructed in B.W in cm 1:5

  2. Arranging the Filter tub-in two compartment (Top & Bottom – by providing one Brick on edge at the insides alround of tub and then plastered totally.)   

  3. Connection the bore well with a slotted and plastic mesh winded PVC pipe of required dia. with air vent.

  4.  Provide support with ½" or  ¾ " PVC pipe in short width direction numbers as required.

  5.  Provide ½" X ½" plastic Fence Nett above the PVC pipe already provided.

  6.  After providing plastic mesh activated carbon / coal / cock or at least casurina - carbon to be filled for 8-10cm thick.

  7.  After laying plastic mesh – 5-10 mm Hard broken stone jelly to be filled up to 2.5 cm thick.

  8.  After laying plastic mesh again, course sand for 8-10 cm to be filled and Rain water is to be allowed through slotted inlet PVC pipe provided to full length of tub.

  9. Filter Tubis to be covered with RCC Slab / Cuddapa Slab etc.

B. READYMADE FILTER TUBS (View Sketches in Gallery) FBR
  1. Fiber Filter tub 1.20m x 0.60 x 0.60m – with two compartment and cover.

  2. One filter tub fitted in the sun shade of a house building. (The filter tub can be provided at the sunshade / balcony / sit out / even in the livings room itself)

  3. Medium plastic filter tub- set  0.60 x 0.45 x 0.40 at top (bottom slotted) and other 0.60 x 0.45 x 0.12 m at bottom.

  4. Economical plastic filter tub set are 0.45 x 0.40 x 0.15 at top (bottom slotted) and other 0.45 x 0.40 x 0.15 at bottom.

  5. The plastic tub used for carrying milk pocket is used as filter tub in the house building under construction in which the loft portion itself is being used as filtered rain water storage tank.

  6. View of the above plastic milk trey is fitted in a building roof for Rain Water harvesting.

  7. Using R.C.C. collars as filter tub. In this case one slotted R.C.C. inner slab is to be used with top cover.

  8. For person in Rented house/Govt. Quarters Huts this type of Tray (TIN SHEET – GI SHEET – Ever silver sheet) can be used for catching the Rain water.

  9. Open ground / Road / Street / Play ground / poramboku land – Rain water can be harvested through a Filter trench provided with mesh rounded PVC pipe connected with a bore well / open well

C. STORAGE TANKS MODELS (View Sketches in Gallery)
  1. Model I.W.S. Loft Tanks. (Capacity 50 to 1000 Liters / available in market).

  2. Erected I.W.S Loft Tank in a house, Loft Portion

  3. Keeping I.W.S Loft Tank by providing ‘L’ angle supports with bottom plastic sheet where there is no Loft provision.

  4. Using 50 lit / 80 lit storage tanks for storing filtered Rain Water where only 50-60 cm width of Loft is available.

  5. Construction is going on in a building where loft portion is being used for storing filtered Rain Water.

  6. Construction of a sump 10m x 3m x 3m is going on in a marriage hall for storing filtered rain water.

  7. This type of square tanks of 1000 lit. capacity can be used on a pedestal of 0.40m height for house.

  8. Storing filtered Rain Water in the sump for use of flas and multistory building residencies.

  9. Harvesting street Rain Water and Recharging in the Bore well.

  10. Allowing the excess-surplus filtered Rain Water in to a Bore well.

  11. For persons in rented house govt. quarters this type of storage arrangements can be used.

  12. Storing Filtered Rain Water in Black Round Tank - which is to be covered with synthetic thermocool sheet and top cover sealed with paste



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